Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio)

I often see that simple question in forums and some people get confused over it, so I'll try to shed some light about it.

BIDS stands for (Business intelligence development studio) it's a small subset of Microsoft's Visual Studio product, using the visual studio 2005,2008, or 2010 shell based on your SQL server installation version.

Comes for free as part of your SQL server installation. As it's not the full Microsoft Visual Studio Product, it only allows you to develop business intelligence solutions (BI) for SQL server, such as Reporting services (SSRS), integration services (SSIS), and Analysis Services (SSAS).

In SQL 2012 it is not called BIDS any more, it is yes using the Visual Studio 2010 shell, but now it is called SQL Server Data Tools, or SSDT for short.

Where is it in my computer? 

SQL 2008 R2

BIDS 2008

SQL 2012

SQL Server Data Tools - SSDT in SQL Server 2012

Hope that helps someone....

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