Monday, August 1, 2011

Recent Horrible story with my toshiba Laptop!!!

Recently I bought a Toshiba laptop from best buy and that was my biggest mistake, everybody warned me from Toshiba but I didn't listen....  the hard drive crashed after 3 months and it was a nightmare over the phone with them for hours so they can understand what I'm trying to say !!!!!

and the guy over the phone kept asking "did you pack your data before shipping the laptop" and he's processing a repair for a crashed hard drive...

Also to mention that you'll have to pay $25 so they can provide you with a UPS box and pre-paid shipping label.

The whole process took 2 weeks to call, send and receive.....

The bottom line that they're cheap company that doesn't stand by their product and by their customers, they dont' care about the customer to leave them without a laptop for 3 weeks!!

and you pay to get your stuff fixed while it's still under the warranty !!

That's only my personal experience and I'm sharing it for knowledge....

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