Monday, May 7, 2012

A DBA’s Ethics T-SQL Tuesday #30, this month's T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Chris Shaw, and the topic is around the DBA's ethics at the work place...
The database administrator (DBA) is the person whose responsible for managing the relational database and its access permissions.
Well, first of all I am not a DBA and never been one, But I am a developer, and I must admit that I share the same ethics and responsibilities towards the data that I deal with.  The ethics here are cross all  database professionals whose has access to the back end of the company's data, whom can access sensitive information about patients in health care organizations, or sensitive financial information about clients in financial organizations.
Every database professional should be striving for technical excellence to the best of his/her knowledge. they should and constantly invest in their career by learning and gain new skills.

Privacy and confidentiality is the most important.  Obtaining permissions and documenting access rights is vital in an audit situation and data theft.  And any DBA should be aware of his/her responsibility regarding the data and how to protect it from others.

Every DBA or database professional should have manners and conduct business in a matter of integrity, can't access information they shouldn't access, or try to snoop around client's personal information, or even around work co-workers personal information.  and resist the temptation.
So the question is, what's stopping the DBA? well it's his/her ethics towards the Job, career and the employer.

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